Alleged Babymama Of Dangote’s Son Sends Strong Message To The Public

Alleged Babymama Of Dangote’s Son Sends Strong Message To The Public

April 29, 2019 0 By USAvibez Network

Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu, who alleges that her son was fathered by Jamil Abubakar who is Fatima Dangote’s husband, has taken to Instagram to mark her son’s first birthday while also alluding to the tension between herself and her son’s father.

The son, Jidenna Jordan Jamil Abubakar turned one over the weekend and Irene staged an elaborate photo shoot and shared photos to Instagram.

The caption for one of the posts reads:

Happy birthday to my son JIDENNA JORDAN JAMIL ABUBAKAR this time one year ago 4:30pm you came into my life, I can’t stop the tears. I’m overjoyed.

Its been one year of holding you and having you in my life. One year ago i saw you and fell in love instantly, you’re so little yet the love and happiness you bring is immeasurable. I’ve experienced the true meaning of love ever since. You’ve been my best friend,no one else matters, your smile is so bright it lights up my world.

You have changed me in ways that I never imagined. How can I forget how i felt the first time you muttered your first words? I left you on the bed to get something outside,afraid of being by yourself you called out MAMA… that sad puppy face melts my heart every now and then. I love you son!!

you were made out of love by 2 people who are not perfect for each other, but i look at you and i see is PURE PERFECTION!

They say when the parents don’t get along the child suffers, but that will never be your case because i got you for life boy! I am praying for the grace,strength and wisdom to fill that void and thank God my love for you is greater than that of 2 people combined…

I cherish every moment I spend with you my love,For you i will move mountains!! Nothing in this world can break me!! I decree and declare that you will trample upon serpents and scopions, your going out and coming in shall be blessed, you will lend to nations and you will never borrow, a thousand shall fall on your right side and ten thousand on your left side but no harm shall come near you!

The crown of victory will continue to rest on your head.
Any man that decides to have a problem with you will surely have a problem with God.

You shall rule, you shall be great!
You will grow in wisdom and have the fear of God
A thousand will answer when you call!
A blessing you are and a blessing you’ll continue to be.
Whatever you lay your hands on shall prosper.
You’ll be a blessing to this generation and the next.


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