[Editorial] Are You Progressing In Your Music Career?

[Editorial] Are You Progressing In Your Music Career?

May 5, 2019 0 By USAvibez Network

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After Close Study, I Discovered that most of the new generation artists are lagging behind and still feels they’re more talented than those they see daily on the television and social media everyday, in indulging in such thought, they tends to feel depressed or feels God is not on their side. Most of them even go as miles as giving themselves that mentality that it is not yet their time, so when their time comes, they will surely make it in the music with no hindrance.  In Living in this mentality, they refuse to put in work and stay consistent, Laziness becomes the order of the day for them.

But they have one thing that keep fighting them which they can’t escape, whenever they pop online or watch the television, they see their mates putting in hardwork and staying consistent, so they are on the progress and ahead of them while they still believe it’s not their time, forgetting that an adage says ‘Time Waits For Nobody’ That’s where depression sets in to play her role in their lives. Making them unstable and unfocused, so they lose concentration in exploring different aspects of their talents/gifts.

Another Major problem we have in the new generation is that most of us have this mentality that we should be seeking for free jobs or even ones with lesser prices, in doing that, we sort for cheap producers/promoters/graphic designers e.t.c with less tools and experience, the mentality is that we don’t want to pay for services rendered to us, refusing to understand that if you wanna put up a standard or semi standard job, you have to go for the best, invest on what you’re going to gain from tomorrow. Investing might not necessarily be on money alone, put on your music career, it can be in loyalty, time and so on.

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On My Next Article About This, I would be giving out tips to upcoming artists.. stay tune and always visit USAvibez.com For More!!

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