[Editorial] Talk! On Tonto Dikeh’s Recent Revelation

[Editorial] Talk! On Tonto Dikeh’s Recent Revelation

May 2, 2019 0 By USAvibez Network

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What Does Tonto Dikeh Think She’s Doing?? What She Would Regret Later!!! She’s Childish And Trust Me, All Those Online Shit Dropping Were So Unnecessary!! So, When You Thought He Was Obasanjo‘s Child, You Accepted Him The

Way He Is Right And Never Complained Right?? She’s Unknowingly Setting Future Fire On Her Son’s Head, All These Online Blunder Would Be Used Against Her Son In The Nearest Future!! Oh You Claimed, You Want Your Son To Know

Who His Father Is/Was, Why Didn’t You Keep It To Yourself And Tell Him When It’s Necessary Confidentially?? Do You Think All Those Pushing You To Do This Are Your Friends?? Do You Think The Social Media Is Your Friend Or A Good Place To Leak Your Personal Problems?? You Will Realize This Later!! I Believed You’re Into Entertainment And You Know How Hypocritical The Industry Is Before Going Haywire Online!! What You Did Was Totally A Wrong Move And As A Big Fan Of Yours, I Would Say Thanks To Those Advising You Wrongly, Those Practically Spoiling Your Records/Reputation Without You Knowing!! From All The Ongoing Drama, If Anybody Is To Be Straightforward With You And You’re To Be Straightforward With Yourself, You’re Mentally And Emotionally Attached To Churchill And You’ve Been Unable To Beat That.. Another Thing Is, Don’t Think That All What You Said Would Stop Your Son From Seeing His Dad!! You Can’t Stop Him!! So, Think About It!!


Guys What Do You Think About Tonto Dikeh’s Recent Revelation??


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