One Week Naira Marley Still In Prison After Being Granted Bail

One Week Naira Marley Still In Prison After Being Granted Bail

June 8, 2019 0 By USAvibez Network

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WRITTEN BY: Prince Abidogun & Edited By: KAPTAIN KUSH

IG/Twitter: @Sheyboss

Facebook: Prince Abidogun

Today makes it one week Naira Marley is still in Prison even after he’s been conceded safeguard.

Azeez Fashola (Naira Marley) was captured a little while back for one reason or the other however was allowed safeguard last Friday. The updates on his safeguard hit the web and everyone was glad yet I wasn’t.

Why ? Everyone was thinking its simply the 2milion naira. No, its not. Different prerequisites. 2 sureties in like whole, and must be a dimension 10 specialist in Lagos state.

Indeed, with associations they could get them however dislike that. No one needs to connect with something awful. It would have been simpler not until they said Gtbank , Visa and MasterCard would affirm against him in October.

Essentially, this is the thing that I need to give you a chance to get it.

No one is your companion. You ought to likewise be companions to everyone and no one.

Try not to give anyone a chance to push you. You aren’t living for no one , you not living for the gram.

Like phyno once said Go broke and Even your own blood will show you blood.

The individuals who bolster you today will return to make up you when you are screwed.

When He (Naira Marley) was going live on Instagram doing those recordings. They were all pulling him. Presently he’s moving to his tune. I haven’t knew about any Marlain going to ikoyi to rest there since their supposed Marlian Boss is still there. None yet !!!

His purported companions are posting on the gram, doing their own thing. Truly they may work get him out there. In any case, do you know whether they can’t take care of business. Nothing will occur as everyone will keep carrying on with their life and there’s nothing more to it.

A Yoruba maxim says “To ba ko waju sie, ko ta ; to ba keyin sie kota ; to ba kuwo nikan, ko tu ero ara e dad”

I’m English it signifies “when its support you, kick it ; when its confronting you, kick it ; when its outstanding only you, Think over it”.

I trust this fills in as an exercise to all of you out there, there’s dependably a ramification for your very own activity notwithstanding when you have individuals hailing you for it. They won’t be there when it comes. Are you prepared for it ?

A slang says Waka Jeje Inside Life (Walk delicately in this life) everyone is a Criminal however that is inside yourself.

You are a criminal , I am and everyone is in their own particular manner. Yet, no one turns out to state the person in question is a criminal. When you do and you are gotten. That is the end.

I’m extremely sure he won’t go to imprison yet once he’s out. I trust he learns.

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