[Review] Top Tier Cypher (featuring Spliff, Alaye Proof, Bolex & ZeddyKul)

[Review] Top Tier Cypher (featuring Spliff, Alaye Proof, Bolex & ZeddyKul)

May 7, 2019 0 By USAvibez Network

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After having a special listening to this cypher “Top Tier Cypher”, I’m forced to say this is but one of the dopest cyphers i’ve listened to this year, Mehn, we shouldn’t just conclude that dope emcees are nowhere to be found in Nigeria, I’m impressed when they said it’s gonna be followed up with a video, it deserves that as everyone would love to see those dope bars on the screen..

Spliff – Since I knew him, he’s known to be a creative punch god, Sometimes, i do wonder how a nigga can’t do without punch, i’m sure he will be punching while toasting a girl. As he was the first emcee who bounced on the beat, first punch cracked me like WTF nigga, must you always punch my face ni.. Flows, and that his bossy style is one unique thing about him. That kinda Rick Ross Thingy, only difference being that Rick Ross can’t wordplay like him.. On The cypher, I’m giving him 8.9/10

Alaye Proof – If You’re familiar with Him, you would know how this dude don’t joke when it comes to music as a whole, First of all when he entered, I almost mistook him for another person, I mean He’s known to be an indigenous rapper but nigga switched it up to add more flavour to it.. Nigga went all English with different sound and was perfect with the English flows which wowed me.. Then He switched it up to that Ibile sound which got like damn, baba you no come here come play oh. Alaye Is just perfect with his style.. He gets my 8.8/10 rating

Bolex Tha PenGod – Make I laugh first, i mean nigga did you come all the way from your house to make us laugh while listening to your verse?? Nigga said something though in Yoruba like Kan to bi Jesu blablabla, Sebi awa na lo je ise Mary gan.. Apart from this, nigga had alot of wow lines. Another thing i noticed about eruku is, nigga is a creative thinker, and he always have those lines which won’t make you get bored while listening to his verse.. The kind of lyrics that you pick bars each time you listen to his verse, the more you listen, the more you pick one creative line inside.. 9.4/10 goes to him..

Truthzeddykul – Known him for a while, since FFG, someone who never quit to give it his best. When i noticed he made it to this cypher, i knew he was gonna give nothing but his best against all the Top Vets in the cypher. No disappointment was expected from him and i didn’t get one. I mean nigga entered with confidence, i was expecting him to go all igbo on this to make those involved to get confused like, we never knew he would come up with this. But baba said, Let’s do the English.. Baba being the closer of the cypher, didn’t cease to give us thatg his flows. Trust me or not, this is a add up to you Nwanne.. I’m giving you 8.5/10 Rating.

Overall Rating of the Cypher For Me is 8.5/10!!

Guys, Anticipate This Fire Cypher “Top Tier” Coming Soon!!


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