[Review] Yemi Alade Featuring Rick Ross, Dope Move Or??

[Review] Yemi Alade Featuring Rick Ross, Dope Move Or??

May 1, 2019 0 By USAvibez Network

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You Have To Understand The FACT That Most Times We Collaborate/Feature Some Artist(s) In Our Songs, Not Because They’re The Best Or Good For The Song But Cause Of What We are Going To Gain From It.. It could be Local or International Recognition/ Fanbase Growth, Rigidity and so many more!! Most Times, We Do This Cause We Wanna Blow Using Their Umbrella, And Sometimes, It Might Not Work As Expected, That’s Why It’s Called Business, You Either Gain Or Lose!!
Criticizing Them Them For Making That Move Is A Sheered Stupidity!!

Kudos To You Yemi Alade For Getting Rick Ross OnOh My Gosh (Remix).. More Achievement Ahead!!

Guys, What Do You Think About Yemi Alade’s New Move?